Corporate Tax Filing

Corporate Tax Filing

High & Wide Financial helps business clients file corporate income and commodity taxes in a timely manner with an enhanced degree of accuracy. We also provide clients with important context regarding how taxation affects the overarching business challenges that they may face. Our extensive and diverse financial knowledge enables our Toronto accounting firm to achieve more robust bottom lines for clients.

Helping You with the Timely Filing of Your Company’s Business Taxes

Our team focuses on the fundamentals of corporate taxation. We act as the corporate conscience during tax time by managing financial priorities. Our accountants work tirelessly to minimize your tax burdens so that you can retain more of your hard earned money.

From internal reorganizations and dividend splitting to addressing the tax implications of employee bonus plans, we tactfully handle a wide array of corporate tax issues for our clients. Some of our key areas of focus include:

  • Strategic Tax Planning
  • Corporate Tax Return
  • GST/ PST, and HST
  • Payroll Deduction and Remittance
  • Special Corporate tax Credits
  • CCPC