Package D- Silver

Package D- Silver

Our Silver Business Package includes the following:

Accounting & Record Keeping

This includes computerized monthly or quarterly financial statements and analysis. This gives you a clear picture of your business and makes more money for you by giving you guidance on the numbers. Monitoring the numbers with you to help your business is the key.

Tax Preparation and Form Filing

All compliance issues are handled for you. This gives you peace of mind and more time to spend on your business. This includes, but is not limited to, monthly and quarterly payroll, GST, PST, WSIB and personal and corporate income taxes.

Tax Planning & Tax Compliance for the business

Filling out the tax returns is what everyone else does. We aim to save you tax dollars by getting the tax laws to work for you, rather than against you. This is accomplished with ongoing advice throughout the year regarding how to save you tax dollars and how the many changes in the tax laws affect your business.

Personal Tax Filing and Planning for business owners

Personal tax filing with discounted rates. Provide advisory on owner-manager remuneration and compensation plan. Help you maximize the benefits and pay less tax.