Personal Tax Return Preparation

Personal Tax Return Preparation

We prepare personal income tax returns for our clients, with a focus on minimizing your family’s overall tax liability. Our accountants stay up to date with income tax rules and regulations and apply them to benefit our clients.

We will ensure that all of your tax credits are utilized on the tax return that will result in the largest tax refund. Our knowledgeable, dedicated team has the tools and skills to prepare your taxes in a timely, accurate, and efficient manner.

Considering the changing regulations and tax laws, preparation of personal tax returns in Canada can be a complicated process. Accuracy and detail hold utmost importance, where a small error can cause you to pay a lot more in taxes. Make sure you don’t miss out on any tax credits and deductions that could save you thousands of dollars. Accountants at High & Wide Financial are experienced and can prepare your personal tax return flawlessly.

W e will calculate the impact of your medical expenses and charitable donations. We will transfer tuition and education credits from children to parents or grandparents where appropriate. In addition, we will ensure that discretionary tax credits and deductions are not wasted, but saved for utilization in future years. We will also monitor your loss carry-forwards to ensure they do not unnecessarily expire.

Our accountants are experienced in preparing the following tax forms:

  • Personal income tax return (T1) – preparation and tax planning to your reduce taxes
  • Self-employment – reporting of income and expenses; Statement of Business or Professional Activities – T2125
  • Property income – reporting rental income and expenses; Statement of Real Estate Rentals -T776
  • Investment income and capital gains (or losses) – Statement of Investment Income (S4)
  • Capital Gains (or Losses) in a year (S3)
  • Past due tax returns, CRA requests and demands – helping your get back on track with completion of overdue tax filings
  • Tuition amounts and transfer (S11)
  • Day care, public transit, medical expenses, care giver amount, and much more

Our clients include business owners, self-employed individuals, independent contracts, partnerships, professionals, wage earners, IT contractors, truckers, farmers, non-residents, students, and seniors.

With our professional tax preparation services, we also give you consultation on:

  • Maximizing your net worth
  • Review of investment portfolio
  • Credit counseling and budgeting
  • Meeting your present, future and retirement needs
  • Asset protection planning
  • Wealth preservation planning