Personal Tax

Personal Tax

People often think they only need the services of an accountant to perform audits, prepare financial statements, for estate planning or when tax returns are due. In reality, there are many stages in a person’s life where an accountant’s specific expertise is essential: whether starting or expanding a business; getting married or divorced; or hoping to retire.

High & Wide Financial offers a large variety of services that cover almost every situation and stage of life. Our dedicated team of trusted advisors offers you the knowledge and technical skills to provide innovative solutions to our clients, helping them achieve their goals for a secure and prosperous future.

The tax accountants at High & Wide Financial are committed to helping individuals weigh tax implications and structure their financial affairs to keep tax liability to a minimum.

The goal of personal tax planning is to minimize or defer income taxes. Effective tax services, that are compliant with the Federal and Provincial requirements, demand a thorough understanding of rapidly changing tax rules and legislation.

High & Wide Financial can assist professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, or retirees achieve their goals by developing appropriate long-range strategies. High & Wide Financial will identify planning opportunities that can help reduce personal and family tax burdens.

High & Wide Financial offers a full range of tax services for individuals including preparation of personal tax returns, information returns and elections, and calculation of tax liabilities and installments. We also represent clients in dealings with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on appeals and objections.