Going Public

For fast-growing private companies seeking to raise capital, an initial public offering, or IPO, can be an excellent way to fund growth. A successful IPO can take your business to the next stage in its growth journey but deciding when and how to go public isn’t easy.

With the capital markets increasingly global, your options about where to take your IPO are widening all the time. The costs, regulations, processes and expectations around an IPO can change from one market to the next.

Together with our strategic alliance, we’re committed to doing our part in building a better working world. As entrepreneurs are a big part of the world’s future, we provide the guidance and support to help you achieve your growth goals.

We’ve found that companies with successful IPOs engage in three essential practices:

  • Approach the IPO as a transformational process — not just a single financing event or the endgame
  • Begin to act and operate as a public company at least one year before going public
  • Outperform the competition on key performance measures — before, during and after the IPO

More information is available on:

  • What to consider in planning an IPO
  • Milestones to map your IPO value journey
  • Executing the IPO
  • Other issues in Going Public
  • After the IPO
  • Keeping your options open: alternatives to an IPO