Tax Return for Business Owners

Tax Return for Business Owners

W e can discuss with you the possibility of claiming government tax credits, such as Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SRED) tax credits, Apprentice Training Tax Credit (ATTC) and other programs that you may be eligible for.

In addition, we offer compliance services, such as the preparation of GST returns, PST returns, EHT and WSIB reports, and annual T4 and T5 summaries. We also offer bookkeeping services to our clients, as well as payroll services.


Many professionals in Ontario are now allowed to be incorporated. We will review your financial and tax situation and advise you on the tax benefits of incorporating. We will prepare your personal and corporate income tax returns and advise you on ways to minimize your overall tax burden.

W e offer compliances services by preparing your GST, PST, WSIB, EHT, T4, and T5 forms and returns.

In addition, we offer bookkeeping services to our clients, as well as payroll services.

Professional clients that we do work for include lawyers, doctors, engineers, appraisers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents / brokers, and insurance brokers.

Specialty Services

High & Wide Financial is more than a traditional accounting firm. What makes us unique is that we offer a wide range of specialty services designed to help you in every aspect of financial management and make your life easier.

Business Incentives

High & Wide Financial has built a highly specialized team of business incentive experts to help you navigate through the wide range of government incentives that you may be eligible for. We can help you determine which incentives you qualify for and work with you on the application process as well as guide you through government incentive planning and documentation preparation.

  • SR&ED – High & Wide Financial has successfully supported numerous SR&ED claims for a wide range of industries including software, manufacturing, hardware and biotechnology/life sciences. Our team has worked closely with CRA on filings and has a deep understanding of the filing process, SR&ED rules and strategies to maximize amounts claimed.
  • Digital Media Tax Credits – We have helped a number of clients ranging from gaming, e-learning and web based clients to successfully apply for digital media tax credits and maximize their return on investment.
  • Apprenticeship Tax Credits – If you work in the trades and you have apprenticeship candidates on your staff, you are eligible to apply for apprenticeship tax credits.
  • Sustainability Incentives – There are a number of sustainability incentives now available to all organizations and individuals to apply for who are implementing energy efficient practices. We can help you determine which incentives you might qualify for and help you to apply.

Save Yourself Time and Money

Even if you’re an organized person by nature, you can still benefit from hiring an accountant to help you manage your finances. When you work with High & Wide Financial, you’ll get to free up much of your own time while an experienced professional efficiently works to keep track of your funds. And most often, an accountant at High & Wide Financial is able to recommend tools and tactics to help you save money and reduce your tax burden.