Financial Statements Preparation

Financial Statements Preparation

Professionally compiled financial statements make it easier for you and others to understand what the numbers actually mean, in an easy-to-read format.  They are an integral part of running your business. Accuracy and detail orientation is our strength and we can ensure flawless execution of your financial statements.

Financial Statements include Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and sometimes Statement of Cash Flows, all in accordance with applicable professional guidelines.

Reliable monthly and quarterly statements provide a snapshot of the financial position of your company. Our dedicated team can take your basic books and accounting records to the next step by preparing statements that will help you make the best decisions at the most suitable times for your business.

Annual financial statements are required for a variety of purposes, including audits. We’ll help you create financial statements that are ready when you need them.

As highly experienced Accountants in Toronto, we can compile financial statements for your company to the highest standard. We also offer the following specific services:

  • Provide supplementary notes to the Financial Statements
  • Maintain a fixed asset listing
  • Provide an inventory summary and prepare accounts receivable and accounts payable reports
  • Submissions with your company’s corporate tax returns
  • Evaluating the financial performance of your business
  • Disclosure to the Bank, where your company has a loan
  • Disclosure to potential buyers of your business
  • Assist in Tax Audits


We also offer special financial reporting:

  • Accelerated financial close
  • Financial restatement
  • Financial Planning, budgeting and forecasting reports