Financial Projections and Forecasts

Financial Projections and Forecasts

A financial forecast or projection is a calculated estimate of the anticipated financial performance of a company. An extremely careful examination and review can indicate an accurate financial forecast. High & Wide Financial can compile your financial statistics into comprehensive information that you, as a business owner, can take action on. Our financial forecasting and reporting services ensure easy-to-read reports which help you to better understand the status of your company.

Your business may require financial forecasting to:

  • Obtain a new bank loan
  • Satisfy the conditions of an existing bank loan
  • Assess the impact of a major change in the business, such as a business acquisition and mergers
  • Financial analysis and options for growth
  • Plan for the future


We also provide:

  • Pro-Forma Projections and Forecasted Financial Statements
  • Budget Development and Forecasts