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First Name: _____       Last Name:______

SIN Number:_____     Marital Status:_____

Date of Birth: _____    Mailing Address:_____

Telephone:_____         Email:_____

Would you like to provide this email address to CRA in order to receive all future notifications from CRA by email and be able to check your information online?

Yes _____No_____

1.Has your address changed since last year?


2.Has there been a change in dependents in 2018?

(name and birth date of new dependents; also indicate if you adopted a child in 2018).


3.Did your marital status change during 2018?


4.Are you a U.S. Citizen?


5.Are you a Canadian Citizen?


6.Do you authorize the CRA to provide your name, address and date of birth to Elections Canada?


7.Do you wish to E-File if you are eligible?


8.Did you own or hold foreign property at any time in 2018 with a total cost of more than $100,000 CDN?


9.Do you want Canada Revenue Agency to make direct deposit if you are entitled to a refund? (Details include institute number, account number and void cheque.)


10.Is your spouse filing a return that will not be prepared by us? If “yes”, please provide details of his or her net income for 2018.


11.If you receive pension income, indicate if you want to pension split with your spouse or common-law partner.



In addition, would you please send or bring us the following items:

1.Copy of your 2017 Notice of Assessment or Reassessment (or any prior years received in 2018).


2.Copy of your 2017 tax return (only if it was not prepared by us).


3.If you have paid tax installments on account of your 2018 taxes, please send a copy of your most recent Canada Revenue Agency statement and indicate the total installments paid. In addition, please send a copy of the Installment Notice sent to you by Canada Revenue Agency.




1.All information slips:

T4, T4A, T3, T5, T4RSP, T4A(P) (Canada Pension Plan Payments),T4E (Employment Insurance Benefits), T4 (OAS) (Old Age Security Payments) T5013 (Partnerships), T101/T102, Foreign slips (including US Social Security) And other related slips


2.Details of other income (including investment income) for which no slips are available (i.e., T-Bills, etc.,please attach a separate schedule).


3.Provide details of all capital gains and losses realized in 2018, including broker’s statements and details on the purchase of the property disposed of during the year (cost, foreign currency exchange rate, etc.).


4.Details regarding any support payments received (spousal or child support).


5.Details about any Universal Child Care Benefit received in 2018.


OTHER NET INCOME (please complete details):

1.Details of rental income and expenses for each rental property.


2.Details of self-employed business income and expenses operated as a sole proprietor or in partnership.



1.Official RRSP receipts, if available, or record the amount of your contribution (including RRSP contributions up to and including Mar 1, 2019).


2.Receipts for professional or union dues paid.


3.Child care expenses (attach schedule with Social Insurance Number and names of individuals, organizations or camps to whom child care expenses were paid; indicate number of weeks in attendance at camps).


4.Letter(s) from bank indicating amount of deductible interest paid and purpose of loans.


5.Safety deposit box charges and details of other carrying charges.


6.Details of alimony payments (name, SIN, amounts).


7.Details of moving expenses related to business, professional, employment and/or education transfers.


8.Details of any disability support payments (certain expenses incurred to enable a disabled person to be employed or attend school).


9.If an apprentice mechanic or tradesperson – details and timing re: the cost of new tools acquired in the year.


10.Details of employment expenses, including form T2200 signed by your employer (i.e., applicable to commission salesmen or employees who were required to carry out duties of employment away from the employer’s place of business). See Automobile Expenses.


11.Additional information relating to income, deductions or any other matters:



1.If you were unmarried or separated during the year, provide net income and date of birth of any child<19 years at the end of the year who lived with you in your home.


2.Name and net income of any disabled dependant >18 years whom you help support.


3.Receipts for interest paid on student loans.


4.Adoption expenses (if you adopted a child in 2018).


5.Form T2202 (or comparable) for education deduction for post-secondary by students (signed by students).


6.Other receipts for tuition fees (if not reported on Form T2202).


7.Charitable donation receipts and political contribution receipts (US donations are only deductible against US income).


8.Unreimbursed medical receipts for amounts you paid for yourself, your spouse and dependant children<18 years old (including Medical Insurance premiums paid).


9.Unreimbursed medical receipts for amounts you paid for other dependants (need net income of other dependant).


10.Signed Disability Tax Credit Certificate (T2201) if this is the first year a claim will be made.


11.2018 realty tax bill for residence and/or amount and to whom rent was paid for residence.


Self-Employed Business and Commission Salespersons

Business Name (if different from the person’s name)


Description of Business Activity


Business Income
Business income shown on all T4As  $_____


Business income outside of all T4As (include cash income)  $_____

Business Expenses

Advertising  $_____

Business Insurance $_____

Business assets mortgage interest $_____

Office Utilities $_____

Office Rent $_____

Office expense $_____

Office Property tax $_____

Office Maintenance and repairs $_____

Legal, Accounting and other professional fees $_____

Management & Administration fees $_____

Salary and Benefit $_____

Travel expenses $_____

Motor vehicle expenses $_____

Other expenses $_____

Other expenses $_____

Other expenses $_____


Home Office Expenses (if applicable)
Percentage of home space used for business

Home Property Tax $_____

Home Rent Cost $_____

Home Utility (heat, etc.) $_____

Home Maintenance and repair $_____

Home Insurance $_____

Home Mortgage interest* $_____

*Home Mortgage premium is not deductible


Automobile Expenses (if applicable)
(a)Cost of a new car purchased in 2018 $_____

Provincial Sales Tax included in above (if applicable) $_____

GST/HST included in price $_____

Proceeds from disposal of old car (if applicable) $_____

(b)Total miles or kilometres driven during 2018   _____

Total miles or kilometres which pertain to business use _____

(c)Details of car expenses including the following:

Financing charges (interest) $_____

Repairs $_____

Oil & gas $_____

Car washes $_____

Insurance $_____

License $_____

Parking $_____

Lease or rental cost $_____

Provincial Sales Tax (if any) included in lease costs $_____

GST/HST (if any) included in lease $_____

(d)Car allowance or other reimbursements received $_____

If applicable, employees please attach a Form T2200 and GST Form 370 (if applicable), signed by your employer.

Property Rental Income and Expense
Rental Property Location:_____

Rental Property Income of the year:_____

Rented months:_____


Advertising $_____

Insurance $_____

Mortgage interest $_____

Legal, Accounting and other professional fees $_____

Management & Administration fees $_____

Maintenance and repairs $_____

Salary and Benefit $_____

Property tax $_____

Travel expenses $_____

Utilities $_____

Motor vehicle expenses $_____